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Position yourself to have a pleasant, pain-free holiday season this year

by Sports Therapy And Rehabilitation, December 6, 2016

With the holiday season now rolling along at full force, your regular schedule is likely to get much busier. Most of us try to squeeze as much as possible over the next few weeks, from holiday parties to special events, and at least a bit of shopping.

On top of feeling overwhelmed by all that you have to do, the constant movement of the holidays can also do some damage on your back. Standing in the same posture for extended periods of time at holiday parties or repeatedly bending over while hanging decorations or cooking all place increased strain on your back. This could mean dealing with disabling back pain when you really need to be in tip-top shape.

Fortunately, this can be avoided. All you need to do is pay attention to how you’re moving and standing in certain situations and try to position your body properly during these times. Here are a few important tips for some common culprits:


  • When lifting boxes of decorations, squat down to keep the back straight; use your leg muscles to absorb the weight of the box as you stand.
  • Put decorations on a table at a height where you do not need to bend over
  • When decorating low surfaces, sit in a chair to avoid repetitive bending


  • Move around frequently to change your position; when possible, sit for a few minutes to give your back and legs a rest
  • Maintain a wide base of support by placing one foot more forward than the other and shift your weight frequently between the front and back leg.
  • If wearing heels, be cautious to avoid locking your knees

In the kitchen

  • When preparing a meal, keep your shoulders back to avoid hunching over
  • Bring the food close to the front of the counter edge for chopping and mixing
  • When standing by the stove, counter, or sink for long periods of time, open a low cabinet door to prop up one foot; this will decrease strain on the back

On behalf of Sports Therapy And Rehabilitation in Washington, DC, we would like to wish you a happy holiday season that’s both pleasant and pain-free. Contact at 202-223-1737 or e-mail info@starclinic.net to schedule an appointment for any pain you may be experiencing, or click here for more information on avoiding holiday back pain.

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