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"I am very impressed by the service Natasha Harper provided me. She was helpful, resourceful, and courteous while working through the resolution of a refund I was seeking. I could not have solved this without her. I appreciate her “stick-to- tiveness “ in getting the job done. Thank you, Natasha Sincerely, Rose OConnor "
Aug 25, 2021
"Lucia is 5 star plus. Pleasant yet motivational. Patient and knowledgeable. I think she has a big future with her career. I am normally highly critical, but not Lucia. "
May 24, 2021
"Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation is by far the best PT ever. Personable, kind, and extremely in tune to any problems you are experiencing. Kathy Braun is amazing with years of experience in treating multiple injuries for sports stars as well as every day citizens We love her and her entire team it is well known throughout the East Coast. Do yourself a favor if you ever hurt come here."
Apr 22, 2021
"I'm in my 70's, which apparently means I'm supposed to slow down. So twice I've overestimated and therefore injured myself, and twice the expert physical therapists at STAR have gently restored my balance, strength and range of motion. Phillip was great: he assessed what I needed and tailored my workout to my needs. Thank you! "
Mar 29, 2021
"Kathy Braun and her staff are the real deal and work so hard- hands on - to get you back in shape. I'm 75 and this is the best physical therapy place you can go to. They are smart and know exactly what is needed"
Dec 08, 2020
"Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation (STAR) offers and delivers great personalized physical therapy services. STAR has truly amazing staff members and excellent physical therapists. I would like to thank Katherine Braun, Jesse Fuller, Allison Evron, Lucia Lee, Natasha Harper, and Hope! In my view, STAR is the best physical therapy center in the Washington D.C. area. Kathy is truly exceptional; she is the best and most compassionate physical therapist I have ever worked with. I have been at STAR many times in the past three years. More specifically, I have been there for torn rotator cuff, chronic neck pain, sciatica, and pelvis injuries. Tissue massage, stretching, strengthening, joint mobilization/stabilization, and athletic taping have been among the treatments I have received at STAR. The physical therapy sessions have been very effective. Kathy has helped me recover from sciatic problems and strengthen the muscles and ligaments in my shoulder and improve my range of motion significantly. Kathy has also taught me proper techniques that I can use regularly at home to manage and alleviate the pain associated with my injuries, words are not enough to express my gratitude. I have also been working with Jesse on core strengthening and mobility. He has created a good and unique workout routine for me. Jesse is a very knowledgeable personal trainer; I highly recommend him. "
Nov 01, 2020
"How would you like to have a PT come to your home? Well you can by having Kathy Braun visit via telerehab. I tore my rotator cuff in mid-March and needed PT. My orthopedist recommended Kathy Braun. I was able to schedule a telerehab visit a few days later. To my amazement, without being in the same room, Kathy was able to evaluate the extent of my injury and propose exercises to prevent my shoulder from freezing as the scar tissue formed. As I did each exercise, Kathy watched carefully and pointed out corrections and misalignments. I have now advance to more sophisticated flexibility and strength exercises. Kathy continues to observe me perform them from multiple angles. It is as if she and I were in the same room. So do not hesitate to do PT via telerehab with Kathy Braun. Aside from the teletherapy aspect, Kathy is the most knowledgeable PT person I have ever worked with — her knowledge of how our bodies are put together and work is impressive. F. Morse "
May 26, 2020
"The staff at STAR is friendly and very supportive. All of the therapist works together to help ease your pain, while making you stronger in order to achieve your goal."
Feb 08, 2020
"I've seen 4 different therapists at STAR over the last decade - they have all been consistently great!"
Feb 04, 2020
"I can’t recommend STAR highly enough. I had mysteriously injured my shoulder and the pain was getting so bad that I couldn’t even put a blanket on a shelf over my head. Kathy worked with me for months first relaxing my shoulder with massage and light band exercises and over time gradually worked with me adding many many exercises to gain flexibility and strength. I did get an MRI and although I have a small SLAP tear, I don’t need surgery and with Kathy’s guidance and a lot of work, I am now back to my regular exercise routine and have finished therapy. She is very experienced and has great communication skills clearly explaining the body’s mechanics and therapy goals. Her staff is great too. Give STAR a call. I bet they’ll have you ion the road to recovery soon. "
Nov 01, 2019
"Jesse has helped me recover from lower back pain while improving my core strength. He has also helped me improve my flexibility which has improved my running performance and enjoyment. "
Oct 26, 2019
"Thanks to Jesse my core strength has improved tremendously. He is good about adjusting exercise programs in response to feedback but doesn't let you get away with excuses!"
Oct 25, 2019
"Jesse Fuller is an excellent professional trainer! He is very detailed and pushes his clients to their outmost potential. He trained me really well when I was injured and helped me get back on track again! He is amazing!"
Oct 24, 2019
"Jesse Fuller is a very skilled, caring personal trainer who helped me greatly improve my core strength, hip mobility, and balance. His guidance has helped tremendously to improve my ability to run long ultramarathons and keep injury free. I highly recommend him."
Oct 24, 2019
"If you have shoulder pain, Kathy is the one to see. Amazing!"
Oct 17, 2019


"STAR Clinic got rid of my back pain and then my neck pain that I had suffered with for 8 months. The detailed evaluation, exercises and mobilizations got right to my problem! Amazing PT's and caring staff! Come here first!"

- S. Kernan

"Thank you STAR for getting my knees back to running and completing my first marathon!"

- LS

"Ann has been my physical therapist for a couple of weeks now and her ongoing assessments of my progress have led to a more comprehensive diagnosis of the source of my back pain, and prescriptions to improve my strength. Extremely impressed with her calm, thorough, holistic approach. Could not be happier or recommend her more highly. Luckily my insurance covers treatment but if that were not the case, I would willingly pay out of pocket to continue."

- Happy H.

Kathy Braun has saved my life! I had a pinched nerve in my back that was preventing me from being my physically active self. No one (three therapists and several doctors) could tell me what I could do or not do. For over a year, all I did was walk. Kathy devoted two consultations to diagnosing my situation. And she got it right!!! Her exercises, massages, and advice on back pain management have enabled me to get off most of the medicine I was taking and get back to my normal life. I go to the gym now, use the exercise bike and machines, and am not constantly afraid that I will hurt myself. Steroid shots and surgery are very far from my mind, at least for now. The Star Clinic is a very happy place to be. I really look forward to my visits. I am so grateful to Kathy for giving me back my life.

- Judith G.

This is my 4th experience with PT. STAR clinic stands head and shoulders above other clinics in its delivery of care. STAR dedicates a one-on-one, highly skilled team to their patients, with ongoing, focused assessment of the patient's condition and needs. In my experience, in contrast to STAR, other clinics have sleep-walked through my therapy and, I realize now in retrospect, either had much less training or otherwise were following some rote, by the numbers, regiment that had little to do with what I needed done on my specific situation. The physical therapists at STAR are vigorously screened and vetted before hire by the owner, and I understand that they may also specialize in different areas of injury. For me, I've had chronic lower-back and mid-back pain/soreness and am so grateful for the level of care I've received at STAR.

- Cecilia F.

I went to STAR clinic and saw Holly, who helped me get back to running after 2 months. When I first saw her, I was limping and it was extremely painful to walk after a really bad running injury. The way she treated me, the time she spent with me and going over exercises saved my legs.

After months of finishing my treatment, I encountered another injury, shot her an email and was able to continue seeing her after such short notice. I have been able to stay in touch with her, and I attribute my recent successes in running and triathlons to her for treating me so well and my ability to stay injury free.

The other staff at STAR are nice, helpful and I love that the hours of appointments are very Holly is an amazing PT and if you are looking for a PT especially with a running related injury, she is beyond knowledgeable, and after seeing a couple other PT's she is by far the best I've ever seen.

- Jackie F.

I arrived a skeptic - with an ailing back - and left a huge fan. These folks are truly professionals and they treat trial sports professionals, including many Wizards, Mystics and even Mia Hamm! But best was that they treated me like a professional athlete too. Kathy and Michele tag-teamed me, each bringing insights and focus that were amazing. They literally have not only cured my injury but by giving me a regimen of exercises and stretches, they have changed the way I feel 24/7.

Also the office staff are terrific- handling the insurance and appointments with real skill and also always being friendly and helpful. It truly does not get better than this.

- Adam W.

I have been going to physical therapy for my left knee. In just two weeks the sessions have dramatically improved the flexibility. Once again I can walk down stairs. My therapist really knows how to work the knee and has already restored former motions and has strengthened the muscles supporting the knee. She provides a wide range of exercises to do. The progress is truly astonishing and I would give Sports Therapy & Rehabilitation at 1112 16th St. NW the highest rating.

- Brent Blackwelder