• Manual Therapy - the use of hands-on direct treatment of restricted joints or tissue.
  • Massage - pressing, rubbing and otherwise manipulating muscles, other soft tissue and sometimes joints using various techniques to enhance function, aid in the healing process and promote overall wellness.
  • Runner's Video Analysis - designed to provide the runner with a slow motion assessment of their stride and gait pattern.
  • Custom Orthotics - made to correct foot alignment with stance, walking, running and sport activities.
  • Pilates Back Program - a method to strengthen core muscles of the body through recruitment of deep abdominal and trunk muscles.
  • Office Ergonomic Evaluation - using OSHA’s 94 point checklist, STAR provides an office ergonomic evaluation and assessment of your workstation.
  • Dance Medicine - designed to return the dancer to optimal performance.
  • Advanced Post-Rehab Conditioning - a certified personal trainer with advanced rehabilitation experience provides an advanced full body conditioning program which specifically protects and addresses medical concerns.